Tuesday, August 17, 2010

About the system skirts worn within the boundaries of SecondLife™

FAQ : Why are system skirts so huge? Why does my hips and butt stick out in system skirts? Why does my butt look so ugly in system skirts?

Firstly, the system skirt will not mould itself to your AV body shape. Linden Lab's mesh template for system skirts wraps itself and sits with a lot of extra space above your original shape.  Giving the appearance that you have added lots of extra "pounds" round the hips and butt. This is something all clothing designers in SecondLife™ have to deal with and cannot fix.

FAQ: How can I wear system skirts and not have my hips and butt look huge?
There is no fix for the Linden Lab mesh system by designers but there is a work around that many have used to over come this obstacle.

The easiest is to make a special "Skirt Shape".
First make a copy of your original shape.
This is important, always remember to make a copy of your original shape as a backup.

Name the copy as eg: NameBodyShape for Skirts.

Wear the copy and go to edit appearance mode and adjust the butt and saddle. Making it smaller till you see a shape you like in the system skirt.

eg: my original shape measurements for "Butt Size" is 35 and "Saddle" is 24

For my "Skirt Shape" I reduce those measurements to "Butt Size" 20 and "Saddle" 12

Please note these are just suggested measurements, you should play around with the sliders to get the right size you would need based on your own original body shape.

So whenever you wear a system skirt just switch to your "NameBodyShape for Skirts" shape and when you revert back to pants wear your original body shape eg "NameBodyShape Original"

Hope this helps you and you get to enjoy wearing system skirts once again.

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