Monday, October 30, 2006

Recap on Saturday's Fashion Show

Phew! I was a bunch of nerves on Saturday, nearly couldn't make it to my own fashion show! First my computer decided to go bust on me, the fan broke. But my darling husband came to my rescue and rushed to the shops to get it fixed on that very day and got it back in time for me to log on to SL.

Then I discovered that all the work and changes on the new designs I did the night before, were not saved and so the new designs were not reflected on the clothing items and most items reverted back to the basic default white! So I had to rush through the changes again, checking and double checking that it didn't revert back to default white. Finally I managed to launch 3 new designs at the show. Dean Biker Suit, Daniel and Natasha.

Natasha : Sexy dress, gown and pants set that oozes with glamour and sequins, lovely fabric and cut. This fashion set comes with many options for mixing and matching. The box contains a sexy sequin top with matching mesh long and short pants, mesh long skirt, long and short prim skirt, prim pants attachments and a waist belt.

You can wear it as a mini dress, elegant ball gown, elegant evening gown or a sassy and sexy pantsuit, or just wear the top with any jeans, pants or skirt that you can match it with.

Daniela : A lovely sexy coat and bikini set. This fashion box contains : A coat top in leopard print in both jacket and shirt layer, a matching mesh wrap skirt that can be worn with the coat top or without as a sarong, a matching bikini top and panty, prim fur collar attachements and a jewelled broach.

Dean : A unisex sporty biker suit that comes complete with gloves, prim helmet and boots.

I must say a big thank you to all who were involved in preparing for the show. Valerie McDunnough and her team did a fine job and big thanks to Ham and Sitearm for the beautiful location in Dublin.

Natasha, Dean and Daniela are available in various colours, check them out at Nicky Ree's Boutique in Plush, Dublin or Yurim.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Just starting my blog today since SL is down

Well Secondlife is down once again. So I guess this can be a good time to set my blog up and get some work done on it. In the future I will be posting my new designs in this blog.