Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some FAQ about DNR products and services.

Do you do custom work?
I cannot at this moment accept any custom work projects due to lack of time. But I am open to suggestions and wish list from customers, just put your suggestions or wish list in a note and send it to me. If I get inspired and have some time I might just design something along your suggestions.

How do I buy and send as a gift to a friend?
First of all my items are NO TRANSFER. But there are several ways to buy and send my products as a gift to a friend.
(A) Buy via available in-world gift vendors in my main store in Tropical Orchid.
(B) Buy via
(C) Put details in a notecard and send it to me, eg. Design/Style/Colour Name of Person to recieve it and I will arrange with you to send the items upon payment.
(D) Buy a transferable DNR Gift Certificate

How and where to buy DNR Gift Certificate (Transferable)
The DNR Gift Certificate is displayed on a wall near the main entrance of my main store in Tropical Orchid. Choose the certificate you want to purchase, pay the vendor and pick the certificate off the wall into your inventory.

How do I use the DNR Gift Certificate
(A) First do some window shopping in my main store in Tropical Orchid.
(B) Decide on items : design/colour/style
(C) Put details in a notecard, eg:
       Example :
       Design Name & Style & Colour      Amt in $L    Name of person to recieve ( if not you )

(D) Save and title it : Your Name - Gift Exchange List - Gift Certificate Amt & Number
(E) Send the note to me and I will get back to you to arrange the exchange ( do give me between 1 to 3 working days to get back to you)
* if you have multiple certificates include the details of the individual amount and certificate numbers  in the notecard.
* Note - There is no cash L$ refunds for the gift card, so best to spend the total amount indicated in the card and if the certificate amount is not enough and your total purchase items cost more, you can choose to top up the total by paying me direct the outstanding amount in L$.

Help LL ate my inventory
As my items are no transfer, I am most willing to send you a copy of lost items if you can send proof of purchase via transaction details for in-world store purchase or marketplace.
If there is no transaction details available from you or from my database, then I can not help you.

Ps. Outfits shown on this blog are from previous releases, The black fur coat is from my Avana Fur Coat collection released on Friday, September11, 2009

The feathered cabaret outfit are from my Cabaret Star Collection released on Wed, June 17, 2009 I mixed and matched the pieces from the yellow and green sets to create this look.

Hope this helps answer some of the frequently asked questions.

best regards
Nicky Ree

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