Saturday, August 25, 2007

Style Asia Recap

Well our very first Style Asia Fashion ended today. I must say I loved all the designs shown at the show. Saw a number of outfits, hair and jewellery that I just must have from Bare Rose, Casa Del Shai, Muse, 0 style, Lalamoon, Seu and Bellisima. I couldn't take any pictures at the show because my connection over here is rather laggy and rezzing was an issue... but I do hope some others managed to take some pictures.

For those who missed the show - the Style Asia book is available for browsing at my main store in Deco (behind my store in the cosy corner )

I will be adding more colour range for the new designs as the weeks go by, but for now the 6 individual pcs shown at the fashion show is available in my store in Deco.
As for the Men's collection I will be releasing that at a later date as I am still working on more refinements on the "Dave Collection".

Nicky Ree

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Style Asia 2007

This Fashion show will be held on the 24th and 25th of August at 5pm SL time it is part of the SLCC events held inworld and AMA is co-ordinating the models and runway work.

Location: Promenade, Artificial Isle (104, 147, 22)

Don't miss this special show. New outfits, hair and jewellery revealed for the first time, catch our top 3 winners of Face of Asia on the runway. So see you there :).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nicole Vintage Collection

I have just released my Nicole Vintage Collection. It is available in various sets and 10 assorted colours. Delicate lace adorn the silky blouse and this is offset by the smart short jacket.

Only available in my main store in Deco.
• Nicole Skirt Suit
• Nicole Pant Suit
• Nicole Gown Set
• Nicole Combo Set ( contains the pant, skirt and gown sets )

Hope you like them :).

(P.S. Koto posed for the picture above)

Nicky Ree

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Face of Asia 2007

Congratulations to all who made it to the finals of contest. The judges have finally picked our winners after a mock fashion show held at "The Atlantis Modellilng Agency"
All contestants did a great job and I would like to thank them for their time and effort put in for this contest. But in any contest there can only be a few winners.
So congratulations to the following:

Ladies Section
Winner - Koto Yalin

2nd Place - Yumi Darkes

3rd Place - Sunshine Kit

Men's Section
Winner - Sylar Boyd

2nd Place - Rodion Resistance

3rd Place - Dogma Pascale

So see you all at our Style Asia Fashion Show on 24th and 25th August at 5pm SL time.

More details will be posted soon.

Nicky Ree

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shattered pose

ok this has been a sucky week for SL. Still getting lots of IMs about missing inventory and delivery. Tried to do some work, like shoot pictures for my new release... but as you can see from the picture here.... I doubt this will induce people to buy.... unless you happen to have an AV that splits up in the middle like this.

Right now I am having problems logging to SL --- read the blog they still have issues to resolve for this... dunno when it will be fixed.

So for issues regarding lost inventory or missing delivery... pls drop me a notecard... as my msg will be capped. But pls include the following information in the card:

Name, details of transaction whether inworld or via slexchange or slboutique (transaction number, design/colour and date of purchase)and problem -- eg missing? item missing? etc...

Do note my items are NO Transfer ( for those that don't already know this ). So if you buy for yourself and then try to give it to someone else --- the items will dissapear completely from your inventory (recent SL Glitch) and the person you want to give it to will not recieve it, as it is NO Transfer.

So either buy via Gift vendor available inworld or via slexchage or slboutiqe by selecting GIFT button and inserting NAME of person you want the item to be sent to BEFORE paying.

Nicky Ree

Thursday, August 09, 2007

SL Login Issues

After a long flight and no sleep... finally managed to get 6 hours of sleep... Woke up and logged on and checked emails, and as usual I have lots of msg from sl --- about missing items, vanishing inventories etc ( due to the long running SL data server issues ) I tried logging in to SL but took 5 tries before SL would allow me to log in. Then after I get in I crash after 10 mins in SL.... and can't log back in to sl after trying for another few times... booting from windows or mac doesn't help. So for those who have msg'd me --- I will try my best to help... but unless I am able to log in to Sl -- you will have to wait a while.

Nicky Ree

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Flying on a Jet Plane...

I will be flying to Singapore tomorrow, visiting family and friends. While vacationing in Singapore I will still log in to SL when I can to check on messages. If you have any questions regarding my products etc. I would suggest dropping a notecard, as my msg will be capped. I might take a little more time to get back to you but I will try my best.

Nicky Ree

(Ps. Photo above was done by Carl Crabe :) - isn't it lovely!)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Release ! Kelly Collection.

Hi hi :)

Finally managed to finish packing my new collection "Kelly". Available in 9 colours and in many optional sets. Namely:

• Kelly Svelte
• Kelly Evening Gown
• Kelly Ball Gown
• Kelly Grandeur
• Kelly Combo Set ( this contains skit styles for the 4 above and an extra short cocktail dress style )

My new sim is still being built... so Kelly is only available at Deco at the moment.

Nicky Ree