Monday, May 31, 2010

New Colours added for Nadia Liquid Swim Collection

Hi :)

I first released this Nadia Liquid Swimsuit Collection in May 2007 in 3 colours, black, blue and purple.

Now this collection is available in 8 additional colours, champagne, white, yellow, pink, steel, teal, orange and red. Artwork for textures in this fashion item are all hand drawn and created in photoshop by Nicky Ree.

You can wear it as a sexy one piece swimsuit or add on the prim skirt with the short glitch pants and wear it as a sexy mini skirt dress.

Special for my update Group Members (Nicky Ree's Fashion Design) !!
Nadia Liquid Swim Suit & Dress in Red and Orange will be sold for 1L only for a limited time period.
This special 1L off starts now and end on 7th May 2010.
Display located at this Landmark and Slurl:

So members remember to wear your group tag :) before buying.

best regards
Nicky Ree

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ashley and Brenda in casual mix and match suggestions

Hello everyone,

Today is the second part of my mix and match suggestions using the and the Brenda Gown and PantsAshley Gown and Dress. This time I'm wearing them in a casual way.

Brenda has two styles of pants, they are easy to match with any other DNR's top, but today you will see me matching with the Ashley tops, which have a great quality texture and stunning design.

So lets see:

In Gold: Ashely Top in Gold + Brenda Shimmer Pants V2 in Gold

In Silver/ Dark Blue: Ashley Top in Dark Blue + Brenda Shimmer Pants V1 in Silver

As you can see this is a very simple mix and match, yet really beautiful and smart.

Ashley and Brenda Casuals

Hola a todas,

Hoy seguiré con la segunda parte de mi mezcla y combina ... sugerencias, usando las colecciones Brenda Gown and Pants y Ashley Gown and Dresses pero esta vez estaré vistiendo en forma mas casual.

Brenda tiene dos estilos de pantalones los cuales son muy faciles de combinar con cualquier playera, blusa o casacas de DNR pero hoy verán las playeras de la colección Ashley, la cual tiene una excelente calidad y magnifico diseño.

Y como podrán ver en la foto de mas arriba, es un conjunto simple, precioso y casual.

Si no hablas ingles, y necesitas ayuda, contactame :)

Have a great day and beginning of the week // Que tengan un gran dia y principio de semana.

Ake! :3

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Release - Gemma Gown & Dress Collection

Hi :)

Gemma collection is a modern, classy & elegant collection in several colours. Available in 3 different sets.

(1) DNR Gemma Gown & Cocktail Dress Collection (contains both long and short skirt options) 800L

(2) DNR Gemma Cocktail Dress 450L

(3) DNR Gemma Svelte Gown 600L

The set comes with 2 different tops to choose from and a jeweled belt on the jacket layer that is great for mixing and matching. Available now in my main store in Tropical Orchid, displayed on the red carpeted runway stage near the main entrance.

best regards
Nicky Ree

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An evening with Ashley and Brenda

Happy Rezz Day to me!!! Weeeehh

I can’t believe it has been 3 years! So I am sure Nicky won’t mind if I keep this short because I want celebrate! Yay!

So, for this week I am going to show you two nice collections, they are kind of old releases but as you know the textures are still fantastic!

Brenda Gown and Pants and Ashley Gown and Dress are lovely designs perfect for an evening out. Ashley has two skirt styles, long and short but Brenda has just a long skirt, anyway both can be used as you wish.

Let’s take a look:

At Left: Brenda Shimmer Jacket Top in Silver + Ashley Short Glicth Pants in Silver + Ashley Short Skirt in Silver.

At Right: Ashley Top in Black + Brenda Shimmer Pants V1 in Black + Brenda Long Skirt V1 in Black + Brenda Svelte Centre Skirt Prim Brenda Textile in Black + Brenda Svelte Left and Right sides Leg Prim Brenda Textile in Black.

Ashley and Brenda Gown and Dress

Feliz Cumpleaños a mi!! No puedo creerlo ya son 3 años! Asi que estoy segura de que Nicky no se molestara si hago mi post corto porque quiero celebrar, Siiii!

Asi que para esta semana voy a hablar de dos colecciones, son antiguos diseños pero las texturas siguen siendo aun fantasticas!

Brenda Gown and Pants and Ashley Gown and Dress son conjuntos adorables diseñados perfectamente para alguna fiesta de noche. Ashley tiene dos estilos de faldas, corta y larga, pero Brenda solo tiene una larga. De todas maneras puedes usarlas como gustes.

Arriba de la foto estan los hombres de como lo puedes encontrar cada pieza en tu inventario. Si no hablas ingles y necesitas ayuda, hazmelo saber. :)

Have a great day! // Tengan un dia genial!

Ake 3 years now!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Casual style of Vixen and Nicole Collections

Hello my sweet ladies,

I hope you all have had a great weekend. I know most of you had a long weekend and some of you were lucky enough to have lovely sunshine just like I had here.

Do you remember last week I told you about the amazing gowns Nicole and Vixen? Well today I bring you the second part; this time it is casual styles with the same collections. Nicole Full Combo, Vixen Gown and Pants and Vixen Lace Gowns and Dress.

Let’s take a look to this picture with the Nicole Full Combo and Vixen Gown and Pants collection.

In Brown/Blue: Nicole Translucent Blouse in Blue + Nicole Lace cuff in Blue + Vixen Jacket Top in Brown + Nicole Long Pants - Brown.

In Blue/Light Blue: Nicole Translucent Blouse in Yellow + Nicole Lace cuff in Yellow + Nicole Jacket V1 in Blue + Nicole Cuff R & L in Blue + Nicole Jacket Bottom V1 in Blue + Vixen Long Pants in Blue.

Vixen and Nicole (Casual a)

This second picture has the Nicole Full Combo and Vixen Lace Gowns.

In Red: Vixen Lace Teddy Top Shirt in Red + Vixen Short Lace Pants in Red + Vixen Short Lace Prim Skirt (28) Red + Nicole Jacket V1 in Red + Nicole Jacket Bottom V1 in Red + Nicole Cuff R & L in Red

In Yellow/Blue: Vixen Jacket Top in Blue + Nicole knee Pants in Yellow + Nicole Knee Length Prim in Yellow.

Vixen and Nicole (Casual b)

Hola chicas,

Espero que todas ustedes hayan tenido un gran fin de semana. Se que muchas tuvieron un fin de semana largo y otras fueron muy afortunadas de tener un rico dia soleado al igual que yo.

Se acuerdan que la semana pasada les hable de los increibles vestidos Nicole y Vixen? Bien, pues hoy les traigo la segunda parte, es tiempo de vestirse casual con las mismas colecciones. Nicole Full Combo, Vixen Gown and Pants and Vixen Lace Gowns and Dress.

Arriba encontraran las fotos y los diferentes nombres de las partes que ocupe para formar las tenidas.

I wish you a very great week // Les deseo una gran semana,

Ake! :3

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mix N Match "Nicole and Vixen Collections"

Hello everyone,

Today is a beautiful day and the next few days will also be as beutiful :) Lots of things are happening for me over the next couple of months and I am so excited about it :D

Anyway, This week will be dedicated to 3 collections. These collections have so many different ways to mix and match them together and this would have made it impossible for me to do them all in just one day.

Today I will show you the different styles you can get with Nicole Full Combo, Vixen Gown and Pants and Vixen Lace Gowns and Dress.

I hope you enjoy them :)

At Left: Vixen Jacket in Blue + Nicole Long Skirt in Blue + Nicole Long Pants + Nicole Style 1 centre prim + left and right prim legs + Nicole Belt.

At Right: Vixen Lace Teddy Top Shirt in Red + Nicole Long Skirt V1 in Red + Nicole Long Glitch Pants in Red + Nicole Style 1 left and right leg Prim in Red + Nicole Style 1 Centre Prim - Red.

Nicole N Vixen

Second set of gowns:

At Left: Vixen Scallop Cut Jacket Top (Laura) in Black + Nicole Translucent Blouse in Black + Nicole Lace cuff in Black + Vixen Long Lace Skirt in Black + Vixen Long Lace Prim Skirt-20 Prim Black.

At Right: Nicole Jacket V1 in Yellow + Nicole Jacket Bottom V1 in Yellow + Nicole Cuff Left and Right in Yellow + Nicole Translucent Blouse in Yellow + Nicole Lace cuff in Yellow + Vixen Long Glitch Pants in Brown + Vixen Long Skirt in Brown + Vixen Prim Skirt-Brown 20 Prim.

Nicole N VixenIIa

Hola a todas

Hoy es un hermoso dia y los siguientes que vendrán también lo serán :) Muchas cosas me estan pasando en los proximos meses y estoy muy entusiasmada :D

Como sea, dedicaré esta semana a tres colecciones, estas colecciones tienen tantas formas de combinarlas que se me hace imposible mostralas en un solo post.

Así que hoy les voy a mostrar las diferentes maneras de usar Nicole Full Combo, Vixen Gown and Pants y Vixen Lace Gowns and Dress.

Espero que lo disfruten.

Have a great day! // Tengan un día genial!

Ake! :3

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Bridal Updates from Nicky Ree

Hi :)

I have had numerous requests for veils to be added for some of my existing designs.
Currently I have just updated and added some bridal options for the following designs.

DNR Bridal Hisbiscus Rose in White
This set comes with and additional long skirt train option and a short bridal veil.
Currrently displayed on the red carpeted stage near the entrance to my main store.

DNR Joaquim Kebaya Collection in Silver White
DNR Joaquim Short Bridal Veil in Silver White
DNR Joaquim Long Bridal Veil in Silver White
Currrently displayed on the red carpeted stage near the entrance to my main store behind DNR Hibiscus Rose.

And last but not least I have added Long and Short Veils to my Daphanie Collection
DNR Daphnaie Long Bridal Veil in Silver White
DNR Daphanie Short Birdal Veil in Silver White
Located at its more permanent display in the costume section at this SLURL

best regards
Nicky Ree
Designing Digital Fashion with a Passion

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tess & Autumn Dance Dress Mix N Match Suggestions

Hello ladies,

Today I bring you two lovely collections ... I have mixed them both and I really think they look great.

I am sure you will remember the Tess Dress N Pants and Autumn Dance Dresses, both are lovely outfits and I have really been looking forward to work with them.

Tess comes with 2 different skirt designs that are the same length and trousers, my favorites so far. The Autum Dance Dress has the option to wear a skirt in two different ways. Both collections can be worn with or without the collars. Just check my pictures out.

At Left: Autumn Dance Top in Lavander + Autum Dance Left and Right Sleeves Prims + Tess Long Pants in Lavander.

At Right: Autumn Dance Top in Salmon + Autum Dance Left and Right Sleeves Prims + Tess short Skirt V1 in Peach.

Tess and Autumn Dance Dress 01

More options:

At Right: Tess Jacket Top in Red + Tess Collar Prim in Red + Tess left and right Capped Sculpt Sleeves in Red + Tess Jacket Waist W ribbon Prim in Red + Autumn Dance Short Skirt in Red.

At Left: Tess Jacket Top in Peach + Tess left and right Capped Sculpt Sleeves in Red + Tess Jacket Poofy Waist W ribbon Prim in Peach + Autumn Dance Short Skirt in Salmon + Autumn Dance Dress Skirt Prim in Salmon.

Tess And Autumn Dance Dress 02

Hola señoritas,

Hoy le voy a mostrar dos adorables colecciones ... He mezclado ambos y realmente creo que lucen genial.

Estoy seura de que recordarán los trajes Tess y Autum Dance Dress, ambos son trajes muy lindos y de verdad habia estado esperando trabajar con ellos.

Tess viene con dos diseños de faldas del mismo largo y pantalones, mis favoritos hasta ahora. El vestido Autumn Dance tiene la opción de vestir dos tipos de faldas en diferentes formas. Estas dos coleccións pueden ser usadas con o sin volantes. Revisen mis fotos.

Have a lovely Sunday// Tengan un adorable Domingo

Ake! :3

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Release - DNR Sarai Collection by Nicky Ree

Hi :)

Spring is in the air and soon Summer will be here! Time for some dancing and fancy footwork and brilliant colours. Sarai collection is just the set for you. This collection gives you options for a sexy elegant svelte gown and a sexy salsa style dance dress.

Available in various brilliant colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid

Hope you like it :)

best regards
Nicky Ree

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mix N Match Suggestions Presents : "Nadia and Jacinta"

Hello pretty ladies,

Summer is just around the corner and why not prepares yourself by taking a look at what you can find at Designing Nicky Ree’s store. This is why in this post I have for you some Mix and Match Suggestions based on bikinis!

If you think you have enough bikinis.. well you can never have enough of them in your wardrobes! What’s even better is with these pictures you’ll soon realize how many mix and match sets you will have … yay!

So just for today, I have chosen the “Nadia Sarong Bikini Set” and “Jacinta Casual Beach Wear”

I must tell you Jacinta Casual Beach has a lot of varieties to wear but I’ll only show you some of them for now.

Girl at Left: Jacinta Bikini Top in Orange + Nadia Sarong Bikini panty V1B + Nadia Sarong Band + Nadia Sarong Skirt all in CF Yellow

Girl at Right: Jacinta Bandana Traslucent Top in Blue + Nadia Sarong Bikini V1B colour Fushion.

Nadia & Jacinta 1

Our second options are:

Girl at Left: Nadia Sarong Top in CF Yellow + Nadia Sarong Waist Sash CF Yellow + Jacinta Long Pants.

Gril at Right: Nadia Saron Bikini Top V1B in Colour Fushion + Nadia Sarong Bikini Panty V1B in Colour Fushion + Jacinta Sarong Skirt in Pink.

Nadia & Jacinta 2

Hola chicas lindas,

El verano esta a la vuelta de la esquina y por que no prepararse mirando lo que hay en la tienda de Designing Nicky Ree es por eso que les traigo para hoy en Sugerencias Mezcla y Combina, Bikinis!

Si crees que tienes suficientes bikinies, bueno nunca hay suficientes en nuestro guardaropa, y lo mejor es que con estas fotos se daran cuenta de lo mucho mas que pueden tener … siiii!

Asi que solo por hoy he elegido “Nadia Sarong Bikini Set” y “Jacinta Casual Beach Wear”.
Debo decirles que Jacinta Causal Beach tiene bastantes opciones para elegir pero solo les mostrare algunos de ellos.

Have a Great Day! // Tengan un dia Genial

Ake :3

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Elegance & Vintage Glamour ...


Hello ladies,

Feathers are very elegant accessories for a dress and Nicky has the most amazing gowns with these little lovely accessories.

I have mixed and matched another 2 dresses with feathers and I hope you like them.

Swan Vintage Glamour and Feather Elegance are such fantastic gowns and I have to confess I had so much fun working with them.

Girl at left:
From Feather Elegance in Blue:
Top Neck Line feathers (medium) + Swan Vintage Glamour Gloves.

From Swan Vintage Glamour in Blue:
Gloves + Glitch Pants + Long Skirt + Centre Skirt Prim + Leg and Right Prim legs.

Girl in Middle:
From Swan Vintage Glamour in Champagne:
Top + Gloves + Centre Chest feathers.

From Feather Elegance in Champagne:
Pants + Long Skirt + longest Centre Prim Skirt + Centre Skirt Medium + Left and Right Leg Prims.

Girl at Right: Her complete gown is Swan Vintage Glamour in the blue colour with the coat and puff sleeves in champagne. This picture is to show you that the coat can be also matchable.

Swan Vintage & Feathers Elegance

Hola señoritas,

Las plumas son un accesorio elegante para un vestido y Nicky Ree tiene los vestidos mas hermosos con estos adorables accesorios.

Nuevamente he mezclado y combinado dos vestidos con plumas y espero que les guste.

Swan Vintage Glamour y Feather Elegance son fantasticos trajes y debo confesar que me la pase muy bien trabajando con estos vestidos.

Los detalles de la combinacion esta arriba de la fotografia, solo la combinacion de la tercera modelo es de un solo traje, Swan Vintage Glamour en azul con el abrigo de plumas en champane y las mangas. Esto para mostrarles que los abrigos son perfectamente combinables.

Que Tengan un lindo dia // Have a nice day

Ake! :3

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mother's Day Special!

HI :)
A Mother's Day Special!
From now till 10th May 12 Noon SLT
DNR Janice Pretty in Casuals in Orange is now sold at a special price of 50L

This new collection is called "Janice Pretty in Casuals"
Simply pretty and colourful casuals for that comfy but fun look.
The fabric texture artwork are all originally drawn and created in photoshop by Nicky Ree.
With options for 2 lengths for the top and available in various colours.
The prim attachments gives you options for length and attachment points of either chest or L pec.

best regards
Nicky Ree