Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mix N Match "Nicole and Vixen Collections"

Hello everyone,

Today is a beautiful day and the next few days will also be as beutiful :) Lots of things are happening for me over the next couple of months and I am so excited about it :D

Anyway, This week will be dedicated to 3 collections. These collections have so many different ways to mix and match them together and this would have made it impossible for me to do them all in just one day.

Today I will show you the different styles you can get with Nicole Full Combo, Vixen Gown and Pants and Vixen Lace Gowns and Dress.

I hope you enjoy them :)

At Left: Vixen Jacket in Blue + Nicole Long Skirt in Blue + Nicole Long Pants + Nicole Style 1 centre prim + left and right prim legs + Nicole Belt.

At Right: Vixen Lace Teddy Top Shirt in Red + Nicole Long Skirt V1 in Red + Nicole Long Glitch Pants in Red + Nicole Style 1 left and right leg Prim in Red + Nicole Style 1 Centre Prim - Red.

Nicole N Vixen

Second set of gowns:

At Left: Vixen Scallop Cut Jacket Top (Laura) in Black + Nicole Translucent Blouse in Black + Nicole Lace cuff in Black + Vixen Long Lace Skirt in Black + Vixen Long Lace Prim Skirt-20 Prim Black.

At Right: Nicole Jacket V1 in Yellow + Nicole Jacket Bottom V1 in Yellow + Nicole Cuff Left and Right in Yellow + Nicole Translucent Blouse in Yellow + Nicole Lace cuff in Yellow + Vixen Long Glitch Pants in Brown + Vixen Long Skirt in Brown + Vixen Prim Skirt-Brown 20 Prim.

Nicole N VixenIIa

Hola a todas

Hoy es un hermoso dia y los siguientes que vendrán también lo serán :) Muchas cosas me estan pasando en los proximos meses y estoy muy entusiasmada :D

Como sea, dedicaré esta semana a tres colecciones, estas colecciones tienen tantas formas de combinarlas que se me hace imposible mostralas en un solo post.

Así que hoy les voy a mostrar las diferentes maneras de usar Nicole Full Combo, Vixen Gown and Pants y Vixen Lace Gowns and Dress.

Espero que lo disfruten.

Have a great day! // Tengan un día genial!

Ake! :3

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