Sunday, January 28, 2007

Valentine's Day Specials!

Hi Guys and Gals!

Valentine's Day is just round the corner and I have just released a new range of casual dresses and swimwear in Deco (114, 68, 33)

The new swimwear and casual dresses will be at 25% discount from today till the end of Feb. These new items are MOD & TRANSFER, so you can buy that sexy item as gifts.

I will be adding more stuff for the Guys during valentine Month, so do check my blog and Deco for new updates in a couple of days time.

Head to the Tropical beach for that romantic sexy retreat! Visit Cocololo Island Resort at Cocololo Island (218, 193, 22).

Nicky Ree

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Celeste Gowns @ Nicky Ree Boutique in Deco

Hi hi :)

I have finally released a new design for gowns in Deco. Celeste is elegant and grand with delicate beading all round the skirt, bodice, sleeves and gloves. Available in 11 colours and you can choose to buy the Combo, Grandeur, Ball Gown or Evening Gown sets.

Celeste Grandeur had a longer skirt train that flows gently as you walk.
Buy the Combo Set to save 500L. The combo sets contains all 3 different flexi skirt styles, grandeur, ball gown and evening gown styles.

Visit my store in Deco (86, 118, 28) to view the gowns.

Nicky Ree

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Something Casual

Hi hi ;)

Been busy with photoshop lately, preparing for a Fashion show in Feb. Will be releasing some new stuff then. But meanwhile I have released some simple casual tops and short jean skirts.

Sally Casual Tops and Skirt comes in various colours. Available only at Deco.

Nicky Ree