Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Goya Svelte Gown by Nicky Ree

This is the 3rd of my series inspired by the theme Water, Sea and Ocean.
The fabric is a montage made from drawings I did of corals with pearls.
The cut and style is a classic line with soft lace like textures for the veil and skirt prims.

A classic cut for the top and sleek lines for the bodice wraps the soft fabric around you.

Goya comes in several colours and is available in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

The fashion box contains the following:
1 System Top on shirt layer
1 System Top on undershirt layer
1 System Long Glitch Pants
1 System Long Skirt
1 Pair of Matching Gloves
4 Flexi prim attachements.

best regards
Nicky Ree

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Colours for Egyptian Goddess Collection

Hi :)

I designed my Egyptian Goddess back in February,, 2009 for a special event held with rezzable. Since then I have added more colours to the sets.

This Egyptian inspired costume set is now available in several colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

best regards
Nicky Ree

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beautiful Galatea Sea Collection by Nicky Ree

Beautiful Galatea Collection by Nicky Ree

GALATEIA was one of the Nereides, fifty goddess-nymphs of the sea. Her name means either "the goddess of calm seas" from galĂȘnĂȘ and theia or "milky-white" from galaktos. Galateia frequented the coast of Sicily where she attracted the attention of the Kyklops (Cyclops) Polyphemos. The giant wooed her with tunes from his rustic pipes, and offerings of cheese, milk, and wild fruit. The nymph, however, spurned his advances and consorted instead with a handsome Sicillian youth named Akis. When Polyphemos learned of this, he fell into a jealous rage and crushed the boy beneath a rock. Galateia was grief-stricken and transformed Akis into a stream.
Some say, Galateia was the mother by Polyphemos of Galatos, the eponymous king of Galatia in Asia Minor.

She was depicted in ancient art as a beautiful woman riding side-saddle on the back of a sea monster or fish-tailed god.

The above information was taken from the web in my search for a name for my new design.

Galatea is the 2nd design from the series inspired by the Water, Sea and Ocean Themed Collection.

I got inspired by the beautiful rich colours of marine life in the coral reefs and the beauty found in the colourful life in the oceans.

I drew the corals, shells, pearls and other sea and ocean graphic motifs used in the creation of the fabric in photoshop and from there formed my design idea for the new outfits.

The textures for "Galatea Collection" is 100% orginal hand drawn by Designing Nicky Ree. Available in several style sets and colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid

The sets available are as follows:

(1) Beautiful Galatea Collection :
Contains all the prims for Beautiful Galatea Cloak, Beautiful Svelte Galatea Gown and Beautiful Galatea Arabian Set. The crown is sold separately.

(2) Beautiful Svelte Galatea Svelte Gown

(3) Beautiful Galatea Arabian Set

(4) Beautiful Galatea Cloak

(5) Beautiful Galatea Crown

best regards Nicky Ree

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Avana Jacket and Hot Pants by Nicky Ree

Hi :)

I have been busy working on several design projects and playing sims3! I know, I know I should stop and concentrate on designing, but hey I played Sims way before I discovered SL. While in between these busy period, I took a short break to finish up a simple but cute casual set called "Avana"

Available in many colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid, displayed in my casual wear section. The casual wear section is on the right of the store after the beachwear section, as you enter the main entrance.

Nicky Ree

Saturday, August 01, 2009

New Release - DNR Lindsey Collection

About Lindsey Collection by Designing Nicky Ree

Influenced by the lush rich style of the Baroque fashion. Lindsey is timeless, great for any costume role play and also great for looking modern and lushly glamourous.

Lindsey Collection has a wide range of styles and choices in 8 colours.

I have packaged 6 sets based on the graphic patterns I designed with circular rich gold glittery forms for the fabric design.

(1) Lindsey Svelte Gown & Pants ( Opaque Fabric Style )

(2) Lindsey Svelte Gown & Pants Translucent ( Tranlucent Fabric Style )

(3) Lindsey Empire Gown & Dresses ( Opague Fabric Style)

(4) Lindsey Empire Gown & Dresses Translucent ( Translucent Fabric Style )

(5) Lindsey Grandeur Collection Opaque & Translucent

(6) Lindsey Combo Collection ( contains all the 5 sets with its different styles and options )

Matching Lindsey style bridal veils in Black Gold, Silver White and Red Gold sold separetely

Available in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

Nicky Ree