Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NEW DNR Fiona Collection & Koninginnedag Special

Hi :)

Fiona collection comes with loads of mix and match options for colours.
This set comes with prim attachments in opaque and translucent settings.

Available in 13 colours and many choices for mix and match accessory sets.

• Fiona Gown sets contains : 1 Top, 1 Bustier Top in Jacket Layer, Long Skirt, Glitch underpants, Gloves and 7 prim attachments for opague or translucent gown styles.

• FIONA Mix and Match Accessory sets contains : 1 Bustier Top in Jacket Layer, Glove and 1 Prim attachment for the chest.

Koninginnedag Special
I am not Dutch, but I live in The Netherlands and to celebrate Queen's Day here, I made Fiona gown in a special Royal Orange Colour.

I will be selling Fiona Gown in Royal Orange Set at a special price of 480L from now till the 30th April 2010. (usual price 750L)

Located in my main store in Tropical Orchid

best regards
Nicky Ree

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New DNR Eva Collection

Hi :)

I have just released a new design just right for spring.

Eva Collection is sweet, cute and light in lovely spring colours.
This set contains a gown style and short dress style.

Available in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

best regards
Nicky Ree

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mix N Match "Cat Suit and Isabel Latex"


Every day is a day to make us feel sexy and desirable and to today I'll show how good
we can look in some very hot outfits!

That is you will see in my next pictures 2 body suits that are totally
dangerous and no matter how you mix it ... you will look just gorgeous in

My mix and match suggestions for today are the Black Cat Suit and the
Black Isabel Body Suit. So lets have a look:

Girl at left: Black Isabel Suit jacket + Black Cat Suit Hot Pants (belt

Girl at Right: Black Cat Suit Open Jacket + Black Isabel Latex Pants +
Black Isabel belt and gloves.

Cat and Isabel

In my second picture:

Girl on the wall: Black Isabel Cutout Top + Black Cat Suit belted pants +
Black Isabel Gloves.

Girl at Right: Black Isabel Jacket + Black Latex Bikini Pants.

Cat and Isabel



Cada dia es un dia para sentirnos sexies y deseables y hoy les voy a mostrar que tan bien se pueden ver en algunos trajes.

Es por eso que veran en mis proximas fotografias dos trajes que son totalmente peligrosos y sin importar como los mezcles ... te veras simplemente magnifica en ellos.

Mis sugerencias para "mezcla y combina" de hoy son "Black Cat Suit" y el
"Black Isabel Body Suit".

Chica de Izquierda: Black Isabel Suit casca+ Black Cat Suit Hotpants (incluye correa)

Chica de Derecha: Black Cat Suit casaca abierta + Black Isabel Latex pantalones +
Black Isabel correa y guantes.

En mi segunda fotografia:

Chica en la muralla: Black Isabel polera corta + Black Cat Suit pantalones con correa + Black Isabel guantes.

Chica de Derecha: Black Isabel Casaca+ Black Latex Bikini parte pantalones.

Enjoy your Sunday! // Disfruten su Domingo :)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sakura Latex or Dragon Princess? Mix N Match Suggestions here ...

Are you feeling sexy? ... feeling dangerous ... feeling good?!

After reading this post you'll start to feel like a bad girl! ;)

Drum roll.... Mix N Match Suggestions presents:

The bad ass Sakura Latex Biker Suit and the ultra sexy Dragon Princess Body Suit in Purple mixes.

These outfits have lot of different varieties, from full jackets to bikinis tops ... long pants or bikini pants ... it's all on you to how good you want to look ;)

So ... here are the pictures :3

Girl at left : Sakura Jacket in Purple + Dragon Pants + Dragon Socks + Dragon gloves and belt in purple.

Girl on floor: Sakura Coutout Top in Purple - Dragon Bikini Bottom

Sakura latex & Dragon Princess

On the second picture we have ..

Girl at left: Dragon Bikini Top in Purple + Sakura pants and socks in purple + Sakura gloves and belt.

Girl at Right: Dragon Open Jacket in Purple + Sakura pants and socks in purple + Dragon Gloves and Belt.

Sakura latex & Dragon Princess 2

Enjoy it!

Te sientes sexy? ... te sientes peligrosa? ... te sientes bien? ...

Despues de leer este post empezarás a sentirte como una chica mala ;)

*Redoble de Tambores* .... Sugerencias de como combinar y mezclar tenidas de Nicky Ree presenta:

La chica dura Sakura Latex Biker y la ultra sensual Dragon Princess Body en colores morados.

Estas tenidas tienen muchas diferentes variedades para vesitir, desde una casaca cerrada hasta bikini o pantalones super largos o tan cortos como los bikinis ... esta en ti que tan bien quieres lucir ;)

Asi que mira las fotos de arriba y elige tu estilo :)

Chica de Izquierda: Sakura casaca en morado + Dragon pantalones + Dragon calcetas + Dragon guantes and cincturón en morado.

Chica en el piso: Sakura Top corto en morado - Dragon Bikini parte de abajo.

En la segunda foto tenemos ...

Chica de Izquierda: Dragon Bikini parte de arriba en morado + Sakura pantalones y calecetas en morado + Sakura guantes y cinturon.

Chica de Derecha: Dragon casaca abierta en morado + Sakura pantalones y calcetas en morado + Dragon guantes y cinturon.

Have a nice day! // Que tengan un lindo día!


Monday, April 12, 2010

New Updated Patterns for Spring Romance Mini Dress Sets

Hi :)

The special 50L DNR Spring Romance Mini Dress Set in Floral Yellow has ended. It is now available for sale at its regular price of 350L and in many other colours. Just right for spring and this dress set comes with option for a swimsuit style too.

Now displayed in my main store in Tropical Orchid. 

For those who missed the 50L special I have set 20 sets of Floral Yellow for sale at 50L at this location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Orchid/188/166/30

So if you missed the offer earlier :) you better be quick before the other 20 sets are gone too.

best regards
Nicky Ree

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Victoria N April II Mix and Match Suggestions

Hello girls!

In my previous post I told you I would dedicate this week to the April and Victoria collections, because they have so many different mixing options it was difficult for me to post them all in a single post!

I showed you the gowns mixing and matching, now it is the time for casual wear, where we just wear shirts with trousers or skirts.

I must tell you the tops of Victoria Collection are super sexy, both versions come with almost an open style back, it will let you show the perfection of your delicate skin.

The April set has more options, you have 3 tops to wear and 3 differents length skirts and also it has a tutu!... you can wear them anytime and for any occacion. Lets have a look.

Girl at Rigth: April Gown jacket V3 in green + Victoria Abstract long pants in green.

Girl at Left: Victoria Abstract top V1 in green + April Gown Knee lenght pants and skirt prim in green.

Victoria and April

Girl at Right: Victoria Classic top V2 in green + April Gown mini pants and skirt prim in green.

Girl at Left: April Gown jacket V2 and gloves in black + Victoria Classic long pants in black.

Victoria and April


Hola chicas

En mi post anterior les conté que dedicaría esta semana a los vestidos Victoria y April por que hay tantas opciones para combinar que me fue sumamente dificil mostrales todo en un solo post.

Primero les mostré como combinar los trajes de fiesta, ahora es timepo ara vestir casual, donde solo vestiremos blusas, faldas o pantalones.

Debo decirles que las blusas de la colección Victoria son super sexy, los dos versiones vienen con la espalda casi al descubierto, lo que hará mostrar la perfección de tu delicada piel.

El vestido April tiene muchas mas opciones para vestir, trae 3 chaquetas y 3 faldas de diferente largo, incluso trae un tutú ... Tu puedes usarlo en cualquier momento para cualquier ocasión.

Las descripciones de los trajes usados estan sobre las fotografias :)

Have a lovely Sunday! // Que tengan un adorable Domingo :)


Special 50L Item for Group Members and New Group Profile Pick Gift

Hi :)

I have just placed a new item in the Group Profile Pick Gift Vendor displayed at the front of my main store in Tropical Orchid.

Group and Profile Pick Reward Gift for April 2010 is *DNR* Spring Romance Mini Dress Set Floral Green (Grp)
Located at the landing area in my main store at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Orchid/230/128/30

I have also set up a special 50L special item for group members.
Just wear your group tag and buy from the vendor.

The special 50L item is *DNR* Spring Romance Mini Dress Set Floral Yellow (Grp)
Located at my casual swimwear section in my main store.
This 50L special is for one day only starts now and ends tomorrow the 12th April 1pm SLT

Ps. remember to wear and activate your group tag before purchasing :)

Best Regards
Nicky Ree

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mix N Match "April gown dresses and pants" and "Victoria"

Hello everybody,

I hope you are having a nice week, for me, I just got the flu, just 2 weeks before I fly away .. Anyway that doesn’t stop from showing you some great Mix N Match Suggestions.

This time we’ll look at gowns, yes believe it or not you can mix the gowns too. I’ve decided I’ll dedicate the next two days to these gowns because they have so much variety to how you can wear them.

Here I am matching and mixing the April and Victoria Abstract sets, one is an old release and the other one not that old. They have a beautiful texture, super easy to match and look so sexy, let’s have a look ;)

Girl in Yellow : Victoria Abstract gloves and top V2 in Yellow + April Ball Gown Skirt 33 prims - Yellow

Girl in Cream: April top and gloves in Pearl + Victoria Abstract skirt in Cream.

April And Victoria (2)

Same dresses different view

April and Victoria

Hola a todos,

Espero que estén pasando una muy Buena semana, en mi caso, estoy agripada justo dos semanas antes de irme de viaje, pero de todas maneras esto no me detiene para traerles algo de Mezcla Y Combina … sugerencias.

Por ahora veremos vestidos de fiesta, si, créanlo o no ustedes también pueden combinar vestidos de fiesta. Así que he decidido dedicar esta semana a dos vestidos ya que tienen mucha variedad para combinar.

Así que aquí estoy, mezclando y combinando April y Victoria Abstract, el primero es un diseño antiguo, y el segundo, no tanto. Tienen una hermosa tela, muy fácil de combinar y se ve bastante sensual. Veámoslo!

Chica en Amarillo: Victoria Abstract guantes y top V2 en amarillo + April falda de gala con 33 prims en amarillo.

Chica en Crema: April top y guantes en perla + Victoria Abstract falda en crema.

La segunda fotografia muestra los mismos diseños nombrados arriba pero en diferentes pose, asi pueden admirar la parte de la espalda.

Have a lovey day // que tengan un adorable día.

Ake! :3

Monday, April 05, 2010

New Felicity Collection for Spring

HI :)

Wishing all a Happy Easter. I have just released a new collection called "Felicity"
Something in pastels and flowers to celebrate Spring.
Available in 10 colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

Best Regards
Nicky Ree

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mix N Match "Sassy Sandra" and "Milly"

Happy Easter!

I wish you all a lovely day and I hope you all found zillions of choco eggs! :D

And for today, I have the last set of the mix n match business style suits.

So for our first picture:

Girl at Left: “Sassy Sandra” top in blue + “Milly Dresses and Pants” skirt in blue

Girl at Right: “Milly Dresses and Pants” shirt and long jacket in blue + “Sassy Sandra” pants in blue

Sassy Sandra & Milly Blue

Second Picture:

Girl at Left: “Milly Dresses and Pants” short jacket in pearl + “Sassy Sandra” skirt and shirt in pink pearl.

Girl at Right: “Sassy Sandra” shirt in pink pearl + “Milly Dresses and Pants” pants in pearl.

Sassy Sandra & Milly Pink

Feliz Pascua de Resurrección!

Les deseo un hermoso dia y espero que hayan encontrado muchisisimos huevitos de chocolate :D

Y para hoy tengo mi ultimo juego de mexclar y combinar, vestimenta para reuniones de negocios, o por gusto del bien vestir.

Nuestra primera foto es:

Chica de Izquierda: “Sassy Sandra” top en azul + “Milly Dresses and Pants” falda en azul.

Chica de Derecha: “Milly Dresses and Pants” blusa y chaqueta en azul + “Sassy Sandra” pantalones en azul.

Segunda foto:

Chica de Izquierda: “Milly Dresses and Pants” chaqueta corta en perla + “Sassy Sandra” falda y blusa en rosado perla.

Chica de Derecha: “Sassy Sandra” blusa en rosado perla + “Milly Dresses and Pants” pantalones en perla.

Cheerio! // Chaito!!

Ake! :3