FAQ - HOW to join DNR Groups

There is 2 Designing Nicky Ree Groups you can choose to join.

(1) Nicky Ree’s Fasion Designs ( in-world group)
This group is mainly for announcements on DNR products and events.

There is a subscription charge of 250L to join.
If members choose to leave the group for any reason and then decides to join again later, they will need to pay the 250L to join again as linden lab does not allow us to search if you ever been in the group in the past.

To join please make sure you have a group space available in your group listings ( max 25 allowed by Linden Lab on older viewers and max 40 on new viewers)

Members in this in-world "Nicky Ree's Fashion Designs" group will enjoy"
• Occasional gifts set for sale at 1L
• Events open only to group members
• Discounts on selected newly released items

How to join?
• Search in “Group” Search Tab for the name “Nicky Ree’s Fashion Designs”

• Click on the link called “View Full Profile”

• Click “Join” and 250L will be deducted and you will be included into the group.

(2) Nicky Ree Update Group in Subscribe-O-Matic
Members in this group will get only notices on updates, new releases and a joining group gift. This is not a in-world group and is totally different from the group listing you see in your profile as it doesn't take up a group listing.

There is no fee to join this group, membership is free.
How to join?
• Click on the “join Group Poster”
   Displayed near the main entrance
   of my main store in Tropical Orchid

• There is no fee for joining this Nicky Ree Subscribe-O-matic group

best regards
Nicky Ree