Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Mia Baroque Gown & Lingerie Collection

Hi :)

This Baroque style gown and lingerie set was designed for MVW 2010 Miaa Rebane for her walk down the runway at the end of her one year reign as MVW 2010.

Miaa and Frolic wanted a lingerie style outfit for the event.
Miaa sent me several pictures of the kind of lingerie she liked and I did my research on the web.
We discussed and I suggested a Baroque Style lingerie set that is grand, lush, rich with sexy elegance.

This set also comes with prim attachments that transforms the sexy lingerie into a grand ball gown. There are 2 extra tops included.

Available in several colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

Just for Nicky Ree's Fashion Design's Group members
DNR Mia Baroque Gown & Lingerie in Champagne
is now sold for 700L ( usual price is 1000L)
This special is available from now till the 5th Jan 2011 @ 12 noon SLT
So members remember to activate your group tag before purchasing the special offer item.

Nicky Ree

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mn'M: It's Christmas Time II

Hello ladies!

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m so excited about it! Last week I showed you my first Christmas mix and match inspired by the colours of this wonderful holiday. For my second idea I’m going to use the popular red and green, how Christmassy is that?

The top and the bottom are from the latest release ’Christine Linen’. You will find 2 layer skirt versions and the one I have chosen is the one with the extra part that is attached to the bottom of the top. In my opinion the top also has what I think is a super sexy open neck.

The green skirt bits are from the "Precious" collection and are the svelte, short and the gown option, and the full set is just gracious and romantic. Try them now and play your own Mix and Match ;)

Merry Christmas!

Mn'M: Christmas Time II

Hola chicas!

La navidad ya está cerquísima, ya no puedo esperar más a que llegue! La semana pasada les mostré mi primera inspiración de mezcla y combina usando los colores de la Navidad. Para mi segunda idea, usaré los colores más populares como el rojo y verde, mas navideño imposible!

La parte de arriba (blusa) es parte de una de las últimas colecciones llamada “Christine Linen” Esta viene con dos faldas de capas, pero una es la continuación de la blusa el cual le da más forma y largo a esta. De todas maneras creo que la blusa tiene un escote súper sensual.

La falda verde es parte de la colección “Precious” el set completo trae la falda ajustada, la falda corta y la falda formal para salón, es un juego muy gracioso y romántico. Pruébalo ahora y arma tu propio Mezcla y Combina ;)

Feliz Navidad!

Ake! :}

Monday, December 20, 2010

New DNR Phoenix ( MVW 2011 Ms Hong Kong Costume )

Hi :)

First let me congratulate Serene Faith on being crowned MVW 2011.

I was approached by Serene Faith ( The current MVW 2011 and Ms Hong Kong 2011) to design and create her costume.

We exchanged ideas and pictures of what we would like to see in the gown and I came up with 2 sketches, one of which Serene Faith chose as the gown she wanted to wear for the contest.

DNR Phoenix, is based on the romantic style of the Tang dynasty with some modern influences. This costume is very versatile with options on styles on how to wear the various pieces to create different looks and moods.

But for the full grand effect, it is best to wear all the pieces together combined with the beautiful jewellery designed by my friend Alienbear Gupte (Alienbear Oriental Serene set ) and hair by Tukinowaguma (Youmei)

Phoenix is now available in 10 colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

Just from now till 28th Dec 2010
DNR Phoenix costumes will be sold at a special price if 980L
Usual price is 1200L.

So enjoy a saving of 220L if you buy during this celebratory festive period.

Hope you enjoy it :)

best regards
Nicky Ree

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mn'M: It's Christmas Time I


We have 6 sleeps left till Christmas! Yay! … and I might be lucky to get snow on that day! WooT!

For this week I got the idea to show you my mix and match suggestion wearing the colours of Christmas … so here we go!

Ready for a Christmas Eve party? … If you don’t know what to wear then here is my first suggestion for you. We have the “Larissa Short Jacket”, you will find this jacket is sold individually. The white top is from “Joaquim Kebaya collection”, it is a silvery white colour and really the whole selection is stunning, it is one of those gowns you must have in your wardrobe. This suggestion is as simple as you read it, the skirt is part of the “Annatasia collection”, if you don’t remember this dress, don’t worry it is from an older release, but the quality is as good as the new ones.

See you on Wednesday ;}

Mn'M: Christmas Time!


Quedan 6 noches para Navidad weeeeh!! Y si tengo suerte, tendré nieve para ese día! Genial!

Estas lista para tu fiesta de noche buena? … si no sabes que vestir, entonces mi aquí te dejo mi primera sugerencia. Tenemos la chaqueta o bolero de “Larissa Short Jacket”, esta prenda se vende por separado. La blusa blanca es de la colección “Joaquim Kebaya”, en si el color es blanco plateado y realmente el vestido completo es fantástico, una de esas piezas que debes tener en tu armario. Esta sugerencia de mezcla y combina es así de simple como lo lees. La falda es de la colección “Annatasia”, si no la recuerdas no te preocupes, es un diseño antiguo, pero su calidad es tan buena como los nuevos.

Nos vemos el Miércoles ;}

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Lulu Collection with Bella Boas

Hi :)

I have just release a new collection called "Lulu" and "Bella". This design collection draws inspiration from the fabulous retro 50's fashion scene. This set come with accessories choices for hats and boas.
You can choose from having a gorgeous classic sexy gown style or a sassy, pretty dress option complete with hat and match it with feathery boas from my "Bella" boas collection.

DNR Lulu Gowns, DNR Lulu Short Dresses with Hat ( this dress set comes with the hat ) and DNR Bella Boas are now available in my main store in Tropical Orchid. I have also set aside vendors selling just the hats for those would like to match the boas and hat with other outfits.

I hope you will like this new releases. To view all the colour choices and options for this collection please visit my main store in Tropical Orchid or view the pictures from my Flickr Gallery.

best regards
Nicky Ree

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mn'M: Simple and Sexy

Hello ladies,

Today I’ve a simple mix and match for you. I am wearing the Summer Jenna Swimming top and the Dora Leather Pants. Both sets are stunning, one for summer and other for winter, but you can wear both of them together as I did and still look great. Try them out now! :)

The Dora - Jenna

Hola chicas,

Hoy les traigo algo muy simple. Estoy vistiendo la camiseta o polera de la colección Summer Jenna Swimming y mis pantalones son de la colección Dora Leather. Ambos son trajes increíbles, el primero es exclusivo para el verano y el segundo está listo para el invierno, pero tú lo puedes vestir juntos como lo hice yo y lucir increíble. Inténtalo! :)

Ake! :}

Friday, December 10, 2010

Special Christmas Hunt Collection by Nicky Ree


I made 2 classic designs for Christmas called "Santa Bella" and "Snow Flake"
Available in a long gown,short dresses and sweater tops in the following colours: red, green, purple and blue .

Displayed and hidden around my main store in Tropical Orchid are items sold for 0L , 35L and 50L this Christmas 2010.
So look out for the cute little snow man buddy how is holding out the special boxes for sale.

Santa Bella Short Dress is now sold for a special price of 50L
Santa Bella Long Gown is now sold for a special price of 50L too.
Snow Flake Gown is now sold for a special price of 50L
Snow Flake Sweater tops now sold for 35L

I have placed some gifts priced at OL near the entrance of my main store at Tropical Orchid.
They are : Christmas decorative balls, a white short fur jacket and a pair of red boots with fur trimmings.

These special hunt items will be available from now till the 28th December 2010.

Wishing everyone happy hunting!
Nicky Ree

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mn'M: Get Smart

I've been enjoying the cold days and my trips to the forest. Today was another day out, but this time I didn’t go along a muddy road because I was wearing these fantastic clothes to go to work in and I had to look smart from head to toe.

To do that (look smart) I wore the skirt from the Lorna collection. This collection comes with 2 tops, an under bra, a long pair of pants and a skirt. It is so easy to mix and match, so you will see me showing them to you for a while. When the weather is cold, I am not a fan of bare legs which is why I wore the tights from the Daria Business Suit collection that set is also a casual business style and the colours are brilliant, you will love it. To end my mix and match for today … I went for the Cassy top with turtle neck, this collection also has a skirt and pants, so as you can see, all of them are perfect to add to your selection in your wardrobe.

Looking smart

He estado disfrutando de mis viajes al bosque. Hoy fue otro de esos días, pero esta vez no elegí uno de esos caminos todos embarrados porque vestía una fantástica tenida para ir a trabajar y tenía que lucir decente de pies a cabeza.

Para lucir así vestí la falda de la colección Lorna. Esta colección viene con dos blusas, un par de sostenes, un par de pantalones y la falda. Esto lo hace muy fácil para mezclar y combinar, así que me verán mostrándoles ideas por algún tiempo. Cuando el clima esta frio no me soy fanática de andar con las piernas desnudas es por eso que me puse las medias de la colección Daria Business Suit que es una tenida casual de trabajo y sus colores son brillantes, lo amaras. Para terminar mi mezcla y combina de hoy me fui en busca de Cassy, un top con cuello d tortuga. Esta colección también tiene una falda y pantalones, así que como pueden ver, todos ellos son perfectos para agregarlos a tu guardarropa.

Ake! {:

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Gina Glitter Mermaid Style Gowns

Hi :)

More new releases for this week. New Gina Glitter Mermaid Style gowns, this design has a sexy low V shape neckline then goes right down to the navel. The fabric for this gown is all glittery, shiny and dazzling. This set comes complete with matching boa and hat for that extra glamour and sparkle this festive month.

Available in several colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

Best regards
Nicky Ree