Thursday, December 21, 2006

My New Store in Deco!

Hi Everyone :)

I have just finished decorating my new store in Deco (86,121,28), It is bases on the same design theme as my store in Deimos, plenty of flora and fauna, water water everywhere and open spaces.

I will be closing my store in PLUSH soon and will be concentrating more on my stores in Deco and Deimos.

To celebrate the opening of my new store in Deimos I will be giving away gift certificates in Deimos. There will be ten pieces of 500L and 2 pieces of 1000L Gift Certificates hidden around the premises of the store. The hunt will begin on 23th Dec at 3pm SL Time

Nicky Ree

New Sweater and Jeans for the Guys!

Hi Guys,

I just launched a range of sweaters and jeans. They are all modifiable, so you can adjust the jeans as loose or as tight as you want it. The Sweaters come in both shirt and jacket layers. For the shirt layer, I have included the underpants layer to make it tuck in the jeans snuggly.

Available in various colours in my stores in Deimos and my brand new Store in Deco!
Do visit my new store in Deco (88, 121,28)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sable in various Colours and Combinations!

I have been taking a long time finishing this design series called "Sable". First I started creating the retro like fabric I wanted and then I got inspired with ruffles and sequins. So Sable comes in various combinations for mix and match and many options! Avaiable in 5 Sets!

Sable Baby Doll Set comes with 2 different lengths, one as a dress and one for that spicy sexy babydoll lingerie look. The collar for this dress is decorated with big sequins and the cut shows off the chest real well. This fashion box comes with 2 tops, glitch pants, mesh skirt, matching panty, 2 flexi prim style attachements.

Sable Ball Gown has the same style top but with a long flowing ball gown skirt and the fabric is less translucent for the top, skirt and glitch pants.

Sable Evening Gown has a unqiue deep V Neckline with ruffles all round and ruffled cuffs at the sleeves. This outfit comes with 2 different flexi prim style skirts and with one set of the prims you can even combine with the flare pants for that loose flare retro pants!.

Sable Short Dress has the same deep V Neckline with ruffles all round and ruffled cuffs but the top also comes in a jacket layer! This fashion box comes with a flexi prim skirt attachment and mesh skirt.

But if you want them all! Sable Full Combo set has it all and you save 500L when you by the entire 4 combinations!

Sable is available in 8 colours: Red Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, White, Yellow and Pink.

Visit my Store in Deimos for a peek!

Nicky Ree

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snow Princess Gowns with Cloak

This is my second set of design entitled Snow Princess. This outfit comes complete with fur trimmed satin cloak and delicate snow flakes sequins. Available in Black, White, Red, Green, Blue and Purple.

New at Nicky Ree - Shanae Sequin Gowns

Hi gals,

Just released 2 sets of designs. First let me introduce to you Shanae.
A collection of sequin and satin gowns. Available in various combinations, Set A and Set B at 450L each and even a full combo pack that saves you 120L.

With all the Christmas atmosphere around :) I just had to have some Satin and Sequin Glamour for the festive season.

Available in the christmas colours : Red, Green, Purple and Black