Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shattered pose

ok this has been a sucky week for SL. Still getting lots of IMs about missing inventory and delivery. Tried to do some work, like shoot pictures for my new release... but as you can see from the picture here.... I doubt this will induce people to buy.... unless you happen to have an AV that splits up in the middle like this.

Right now I am having problems logging to SL --- read the blog they still have issues to resolve for this... dunno when it will be fixed.

So for issues regarding lost inventory or missing delivery... pls drop me a notecard... as my msg will be capped. But pls include the following information in the card:

Name, details of transaction whether inworld or via slexchange or slboutique (transaction number, design/colour and date of purchase)and problem -- eg missing? item missing? etc...

Do note my items are NO Transfer ( for those that don't already know this ). So if you buy for yourself and then try to give it to someone else --- the items will dissapear completely from your inventory (recent SL Glitch) and the person you want to give it to will not recieve it, as it is NO Transfer.

So either buy via Gift vendor available inworld or via slexchage or slboutiqe by selecting GIFT button and inserting NAME of person you want the item to be sent to BEFORE paying.

Nicky Ree

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