Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Face of Asia 2007

Congratulations to all who made it to the finals of contest. The judges have finally picked our winners after a mock fashion show held at "The Atlantis Modellilng Agency"
All contestants did a great job and I would like to thank them for their time and effort put in for this contest. But in any contest there can only be a few winners.
So congratulations to the following:

Ladies Section
Winner - Koto Yalin

2nd Place - Yumi Darkes

3rd Place - Sunshine Kit

Men's Section
Winner - Sylar Boyd

2nd Place - Rodion Resistance

3rd Place - Dogma Pascale

So see you all at our Style Asia Fashion Show on 24th and 25th August at 5pm SL time.

More details will be posted soon.

Nicky Ree


JoeTeh Spear said...

Wow... nice.. they are truely the representation of Asians community in SL. Congrats to all the winners...

'Kota Buck said...

I think Sylar Boyd is a fantastic choice. A great guy and a gorgeous av.

Catero said...

Congrats to all the winners. Since Sylar and Rodion are friends I'm partial towards them and very ecstatic that they've won. Mahal na mahal kita.

Thanks to the Asian Designer's Summit for bringing diversity to Second Life.

Cynara Cortes said...

Congratulations Sylar and Rodion!
I am really happy that you guys won! ^_____^