Tuesday, February 02, 2010

DNR Ace Lingerie Collection for Valentine's Day

My good friend was getting married and she asked if I would design a special bridal gown for her, using the theme of Ace of Spades.
and made Ace Bridal Gown

But I love the lace work I did for her and re-used the same theme to make a sexy lacy lingerie set to match her bridal gown.
So here it is Ace Lingerie Set in 10 colours.

The Fashion Box Contains:
System items -
- *DNR* Ace Lingerie Bra in Shirt and Under Layer
- *DNR* Ace Linger Panty in Pants and Under Layer
- *DNR* Ace Lingerie Leg Band
- *DNR* Ace Lingerie Chemis Top
- *DNR* Ace Lingerie Gloves

DNR ACE Lingerie in Pink is sold at 1L for Group members only for a limited time period for the month of Feb 2010 in celebration of Valentine's day and Chinese New Year.

DNR Ace lingerie in Olive is the new Group/Profile Pick Reward Gift for the month of Feb 2010 :)

The lingerie set is displayed in the lingerie section in my main store in Tropical Orchid
best regards
Nicky Ree
http://designingnickyree.blogspot.com http://www.flickr.com/groups/designingnickyreecreations/

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