Sunday, January 31, 2010

New DNR Daphnaie Fantasy Collection

Hi Everyone :)

During one of those lovely autumn days, I took a walk in the woods near my home and I fell inlove with the lovely warm colours of reds, orange, greens and browns from the trees.
There were leaves and little flowers still in bloom.  I sat down by the bench and sketched some ideas and imagined what a wood fairy would wear if she were to stroll by. Images from a mid summer's night flashed in my head of fairies and creatures fluttering in the woods.

Daphnaie is a fantasy gown in brilliant colours just right to bring in some Spring inspiration. I drew the leaves and tiny flowers to decorate the fabric that I used to design the gown.

Displayed on the red carpet stage at the front of the main entrance in Tropical Orchid.
There are 4 sets and 14 colours to choose from.

Daphnaie Baroque Gown Set

Daphnaie Svelte Gown Set

Daphnaie Evening Gown Set

Daphnaie Combo Collection, which contains all 3, Baroque, Svelte and Evening Gown Sets

best regards
Nicky Ree

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