Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank You for attending the Spring Ball!

Hi hi ;)

The Spring Ball was fun and I hope those who managed to attend enjoyed themselves. I was in such a busy dizzy weeks prior to the ball. I designed 7 new outfits for the ball and only managed to finish some of the vendors for them. Fleur Skins did wonderful work on the matching makeups and CJ Carnot did a fabulous job on the design and creation of a lovely romantic ballroom.

I have finally managed to release "Lady Edwina Gowns", "Lord Edward Baroque Suits" and "Gorgeous Elizabeth Gowns" ---- yes had many IMs asking when it would be released ;).

For my Elizabeth collection, Random Calliope made a delicate matching set of jewellery for it, as you can see in the picture above. It is really fun to have such talented people working in collaboration. Many thanks to those who have contributed and helped in the production of the Ball and in the making of the items to compliment my clothings and Fleur Skins makeup.

I still need to work on the vendors for "Florence" and will do that asap. For those whose notecards and msg I have been late in replying, I must apologise, I have been working round the clock to get things done and I needed to finally "crash" and catchup on sleep ;). I will hopefully be on track again in a couple of days.

Meanwhile :) I hope you will enjoy these new releases.

Nicky Ree

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