Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Gift Surprise at Main Store!

Hi :)

I have just set up a special gift "splodder" gadget in my main store.
4 gifts have been set up for everyone in my store in Tropical Orchid.

Available from 22nd Dec till 31 Dec 2009

The gift boxes are rezzed randomly at various locations and will stay rezzed for about 3 mins before disappearing.

To get the gifts follow the instructions below:

- When you find and see the gift box shown above, touch it and the gift splodder will send you the gift.

The 4 gifts in the "Splodder" machine are:

DNR Winter White Fur Coat

DNR Spring Dress Gift in Red

DNR Christmas Gift - Red boots

*NR* T-Shirt ( Durian ) Gift

Merry Christmas from
Nicky Ree

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