Sunday, December 20, 2009

3 New Fashion Collection by Nicky Ree

Hi :)

First of all I would like to congratulate Miaa Rebane on winning the Title and Crown for Miss Virtual World 2010

I was approached by Miss Virtual World 2010 Ms. Puerto Rico, Miaa Rebane to help her create and design a gown for the final contest and Miss Virtual World 2010 Finalist (Ms. Singapore) Natasja Schumann to help her create and design a gown for the final contest.

I did a quick research on the web and found out that the lovely hibiscus flower was Peurto Rico's National Flower. I decided to use the colours and hues from this fabulous creation by nature.

Hibiscus Rose Collection is available is several assorted colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid

For Ms Singapore's Gown - Being a Singaporean myself, I couldn't refuse. I decided to once again draw my inspiration from nature. The national flower of Singapore is Vanda Ms Joaquim, a tropical orchid.

Being a Peranakan Singaporean, I decided to use the styling of a kebaya and Saree to create the gowns.
I drew the orchid and lace work and created the fabric design and pattern for the gown.

best regards
Nicky Ree


Chalice Carling said...

I just have to congratulate you on the amazing dress you created for Miaa. I cammed in and had a good look at it once she had been announced the winner and it was FANTASTIC. She looked beautiful in it...perfectly styled and classy. You made a great team :-))

Nicky Ree said...

Thanks Chalice, I had fun designing the gown for both Miaa and Natasja.

Wouter said...

congrats from me too. they look great!