Friday, March 13, 2009

St Patrick's Day Gift Sets by Nicky Ree

Hi :)

For St Patrick's Day 2009, I have placed a new colour for my "Satin Shine Collection". "Satin Shine Lime" is now available for everyone at the price of 0L for St Patrick's Day for a limited time period only.

This is displayed near the entrance of my main store by the right.
Tropical Orchid (219, 134, 30)

St Patrick's Day for Nicky Ree's Update Group

For my "Nicky Ree's Fashion Designs" members I have created a special " Satin Shine Floral Set in Green" for St Patrick's Day 2009.

This set contains 2 flexi prim skirt styles, the Svelte and the poofy evening gown skirt style.

The fabric pattern used for this gown is my own drawn flower pattern and cut, style, shading and folds are taken from my older collection called "Julia" and "Spring Romance" collection.

The item can be bought for 1L at the groups members vip ballroom at the LM attached in the notecard sent out to members today. Tropical Orchid (91, 208, 131)

This set is for sale at 1L for a limited time period only, as I will remove it on the 15h March. So Members remember to wear your group tag.

Hope you like it :).
Nicky Ree

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