Monday, March 23, 2009

*DNR* RFL 2009 Adephagia Gown Set Auction Decision

Hello Everyone,

About *DNR* RFL 2009 Adephagia Gown in Pink

It seems there was some trouble during the last few minutes during the auction. I was told by several people there that a certain individual had bid very high several times in a same row and then backed down at the last minute wanting only to pay the lower price but was disqualified.

The auction price ranged during the last few minutes were from 71K 75K 100K 125L 175K and then the person backed out and it was back down to 71000.

Thus spoiling the whole spirit of the auction and depriving some people who were thinking of bidding above the 71K.

After thinking if over, having chatted with Nevar Lobo and some parties involved in the auction, I have decided to void the auction of the RFL 2009 Adephagia Gown in Pink.

This is not at all any fault of the organizers and I think Nevar and his team have tried their best and have done a good job and I thank them for their hard work for RFL Clothing Fair 2009.

I have paid $71000L back to Fish Kungfu and the donation to RFL kiosk of $71000L is not affected and will still be donated to Relay For Life. Fish Kungfu and RFL 2009 will not loose anything.

I personally thank Fish Kungfu for his support as this is entirely not his fault, he is honest and was bidding in a fair manner. I have also sent a copy of the RFL 2009 Adephagia Gown to Fish Kungfu's friend as he meant to buy it for her in the first place. I have invited him to donate whatever amount he wishes for the gown to the RFL Kiosk that I have set up in my main store in Tropical Orchid. So in this respects RFL will still benefit more from the donation for this gown.

As for the *DNR* RFL 2009 Adephagia Gown, I have yet to finalized my plans for it but I may in future hold limited sets for auction for the benefit of RFL during the RFL 2009 period.

The details like date, time, location and how to bid or buy will be disclose at a later time. For future auctions or limited pieces, I will change the colour of the gown so in that respects Fish has still bought a one of the kind gown of that colour.

best regards
Nicky Ree


Winter Jefferson said...

Twice in the space of several days you've faced some harsh criticism. And both times you've responded with honour and class. You've totally done the right thing here.

Well done Nicky. I know I'll be buying your things a lot more often now.

Orchid said...

I checked several times that day but I was limited on how much I could bid. I would love to see this dress in a limited set! This dress is absolutely devine!!


Orchid Easterwood