Saturday, March 07, 2009

DNR Satin Shine Photo Contest 2009

Hi hi :)

Many of you have messaged me about holding a contest again but with gowns this time round. So here it is ladies and gentlemen.
My Satin Shine gown collection is for sale at my main store in
Tropical Orchid. Each colour
costs 100L. The Satin Shine in Pink is a free gift at 0L and is
available at the front of my store
in the gift display wall. You can choose any colours from my Satin
Shine range to photograph for the contest.


* Pictures to be taken inworld in SL.

* Photoshop is allowed but for mostly for enhancement and touchups,
skills in photography within SL and good lighting for the overall
picture is important.

* IMPORTANT: take your pictures in high resolution

* Maximum of 3 pictures to be entered in the contest. You can upload
these pictures to my flickr group “DNR Satin Shine Photo Contest 2009

Title the pictures :
DNR Satin Shine Photo Contest 2009 Pic 1, 2, 3 - Your SL Name

* By submitting a picture you allow DNR its use in promotional materials.

Guys can enter too, if you are shooting the photos and you have a female model wearing the outfit, just enter the photo under your name and do mention the model's name in the photo description.

Have fun and let the competition begin!

Nicky Ree

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