Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Special National Day Treasure Hunt!

Hi :)

I am Singaporean living and working in the Netherlands. And today is Singapore's National Day - Happy Birthday Singapore.

To celebrate this day, I am holding a treasure hunt at my main store in Tropical Orchid.

The Treasure Hunt Event will start from today 9th Aug and ends on 11th Aug at 12 pm SLT.

Lots of goodies hidden and some not so hidden. I have also placed 2 very special outfits to be sold at 50% discount but you have to find it first.

The hidden treasurs are:
• Glamour Boa White and Red sold at 1L each
• Satin Shine Glitter Gowns Silver, Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Pink, Light Pink, Champagne, Purple and red sold at 1L each
• Summer Breeze Red Rose and Blush ( new colours ) sold at 25L each
• Brian Casual White N Red Version 1 and Version 2 sold at 10L each

The special offer items sold at 50% discount and displayed round the store are:
• Elegant Laura in White N Red ( new colour )
• Kebaya in Silver White with Pink Roses ( New colour )

Happy Hunting!
Nicky Ree

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