Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Mix N Match Idea :)

Ok :)

A customer asked me for some suggestions today for a themed event and while helping her I found some other ways to Mix N Match my Miranda Corset Top with a skirt prim taken from my April Collection.

So here is idea number 5 : Miranda Corset Top & Gloves mixed with April Ball Gown Flexi Prims and glitch pants. Quiet a hot red number I think :).

Once again :) this is Mix N Match Picture is just ideas :) to create more looks with the pieces taken from various older collection I have in my entire range. I do not sell them together as a set.

NR Sexy Miranda Corset Dress can be found at Tropical Orchid (179, 146, 3)

NR April Ball Gown can be found at Tropical Orchid (128, 107, 32)

Nicky Ree

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