Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sexy Rose Lingerie at Tropical Orchid

Hi :)

Something spicy and sexy for that special lady or *cough* guy. 100% hand drawn, right down to the details of the lace used. These lingerie sets comes with many options for the panties and tops and available in 8 assorted colours.

So visit Tropical Orchid(131,137, 32) for a closer look :).

Nicky Ree


Roslin said...

You are a total content creating MACHINE as of late. I have to know what kind of vitamins you've been taking, I seriously need some of that. What's really impressive to me though is that it's all beautiful, all unique, and all to a very high standard that I've come to associate with you.

Arianna Psaltery said...

I'm not normally a lingerie girl but THESE would certainly convert me :) The intricate lace embroidery is amazing!

Nicky Ree said...

Thanks Roslin and Arianna,

Well to answer your questions Roslin, just plain "ole peranakan style cooking" and the occasional "nuked" pizzas when I just have not time to cook :) *grins*