Friday, November 02, 2007

New Releases - Lady Divine

Hi Everyone,

Finally managed to sit down to release a new collection: Lady Divine.

Lady Divine collection is inspired by the elegant fashion of the 40's. This is just part one of the Collection. Lady Divine will be joined by Divine Sisi soon and there will be Mr Hercule to match the ladies.

All available in Tropical Orchid ( 209, 144, 30)

Nicky Ree


Arianna Psaltery said...

eeeeeeeee! I went out and bought the blue one right away!! Next I'll get the red one :D If you take requests for new colors, I'd LOVE to see the green one with green fur. But only if it's not too much work. The other colors are heavenly!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Are your male superhero outfits color mix and matchable!?! The female are but not the men right??? :(

Btw u r so talented.

Claudine Jewell said...

sooo beautiful and so many possibilities to wear and mix and match it simply great