Friday, April 13, 2007

Rezzing Issues in SL

Hi Everyone :)

I am back! Had a great holiday and it has been a long break. I have been busy with stuff since I got back and only recently I managed to sit down to work on some new designs. ( or at least finish up some designs ) But SL decides to play up on me and I have been having problems rezzing my items to complete the photo shoot for the packaging.

So I figured I had post some teaser pictures in this blog.

The Dynammic League is arriving soon! in my main store in Deco.
So look out for it folks :).

Will write more about it once it is out in the stores.

Nicky Ree


Lucas Lameth said...

OMG Nicky thats awesome!! Make me a SUPERHERO!!

Nicky Ree said...

heh thanks - it is out at DECO now, just managed to put it up.

:) Will blog more about it tommorrow!

Nicky Ree