Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Dynamic League Have Arrived in Deco!

Finally I finished the photo shoot and managed to get all the boxes done up.

My new Super Hero Collection for Ladies and Gents are out in my main stores in Deco and Deimos.

Available in 8 colours : Red, Blue, Green, Yellow Amber, Silver White, Black and Purple. As I am part of the Relay for Life Team under the team "Shopaholics for a Cure" I have designated the purple set for the cause.

The full set comes complete with a base bodysuit in the underwear layers, cut out colour shapes on the shirt/pants layer ( this allows you to mix and match with the various other colour suits )

There is a special box of Letters you can buy and the letters range from A to Z on a jacket layer, this layer is tintable and you get to choose your special letter to put on the front.

The full super hero bodysuit set comes complete with base suit in underwear layer, cut out shapes in shirt and pants layer, prim belt, flexi prim cape, gloves, socks, matching prim boots and a scripted spray can that spurts out words like "Wham! Bam!" "Kapow!" etc.... Echo Seigo did the scripts for that :)

Hope you will get loads of fun with the sets! I sure did.

Nicky Ree


Nex Brannan said...

Way too cool!

Zoe Connolly said...

I bought the purple suit. Wow!

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Why oh why Nicky, no pink? :'(

Aradia said...

Great work Nicky!! they look amazing

Tigerlily Koi said...

Omg! I must get into the grid for that purple one!