Monday, February 26, 2007

5 New Design Collection @ Main Store in Deco

Hi Ladies and Gents :)

Hope some of you managed to get a peek at my new releases at the fashion show REVEAL during the weekend. But if you have not, come on down to my main store in Deco. I have just released 5 new designs.

Check out Shimmery Shimmer, available in 4 colours now : Gold, Black Gold, Red and Purple. Shimmery Shimmer comes with loads of options, an elegant long gown, a flouncy ball gown, a sexy mini dress and a hot and sexy pantsuit.

Gentle Rose collection is available in 5 colours : Red, Fuchsia, Black, Yellow and Purple. This comes with 2 optional styles, a short skirt or a long sleek gown with a soft flowy flexi skirt attachement at the back accented with roses.

Sexy Vera Lace Commbo Sets: available in assorted colours and comes with loads of options, you can mix and match this to suit your own style. Dress in style in a business suit, dress down for a sexy mini dress, dress up for that altra sexy elegant lace gown, you can even mix and match the lace shirt with the Tops from Sexy Vera mini dress or pants sets.

Sexy Vera Gowns and Sexy Vera Mini Dress and Pants set.
Available in assorted colours, and you can mix and match with the lace set to create your unique combo. This fashion box comes with tops in both jacket and shirt layer, matching mini skirt, long skirt and pants, 2 flexi prim styles.

(PS. I am still holidaying in Singapore and I will be away in a secluded tropical resort for 4 days from 5th to 8th March and will not be able to get any internet connectivity... so I will only get back to any enquiries or IMS after that date)

Nicky Ree


Anonymous said...

Nicky, I swear Dilbert is going to kill me if I buy one more gown. I am crazy in love with ALL of the new gowns and I have been getting TONS of compliments over at Phat Cat's! Bravo! *hugs* ~Charity

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charity :) It is great to hear that you like them. Dilbert won't dare hurt a single hair of you :). Anyway a girl can never have enough dresses, gowns, shoes, jewellery or hair :).