Saturday, February 10, 2007

Introducing Lance, swim casuals for the guys.

Hi hi all,

I am wake at 12 midnight over here in Sunny Singapore,slept all afternoon and night away, landed early on Saturday morning, now I am so jet lagged and my sleep cycle is all mixed up :P... (phew more then 20 hours of travel time all in all)... so I thought I had do some blogging while I wait for the sun to rise....

I released "Lance" a couple of days ago just never got to blog it :P.
This casual beach wear comes in various colours and it mod/transfer. Will be sold for 112L (usual price is 150L) for the month of Valentine.

I am on holiday at the moment in Sunny Singapore, so won't be logging as much as I usually do... but will check in once in awhile to answer messages, so hope you will bare with me if I do not answer in world IM's immediately or as fast.

Nicky Ree
(munches on her cookies and all the "makan" goodies"

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