Friday, October 14, 2011

New Release - DNR Summer Ariel Collection

Hi :)

This DNR Summer Ariel Collection is part of 15 new designs from my DNR Resort Collection in Abstracts for year 2011.

I based this entire new range on original fabric patterns designed by Designing Nicky Ree. This "Summer Ariel" set comes in 3 different sets and are available in several assorted colours in my main store in Tropical Orchid.

(1) *DNR* Summer Ariel Gown Set

(2) *DNR* Summer Ariel Dress & Sarong Swim Set

(3) *DNR* Summer Ariel Gown  & Swim Set Combo (this contains items from the Gown Set & Dress & Sarong Swim Set)

Best regards
Nicky Ree

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