Monday, March 01, 2010

Keira - DNR Group Reward Profile Pick Gift for March 2010

Hi :)

I have just placed a new gift for the Group Profile Picks Reward Gift for the Month of March 2010.

DNR Keira Tropical Orchid Dress by Nicky Ree

To obtain this gift you will need the following:

- be in Nicky Ree's Fashion Design Group ( wear the group member tag )
- be searchable via LL search engine
- have the Landmark of my main store Tropical Orchid in one of your picks
Once you have all the requirements listed above, just right click and select touch and the gift poster and the vendor will send you the gift.

If you have just joined the group and only just added the store in your picks, the search engine might take between 24 to 48 hours to register it in their data banks.

The poster and vendor is displayed on the side near the front of the main entrance landing point.

best regards
Nicky Ree

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