Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Sneak Preview - Egyptian Goddess Collection


Several talented designers and I have designed several special collection inspired by the motifs, clothes and fashion worn at the time of ancient Egypt in conjunction with the launch of a special event and sim created by the talented people behind Rezzable.

My contribution to this Egyptian themed event is called "Egyptian Goddess Collection" I had made several sketches of styles, but alas, time was running out for me and only managed to work on one set. I hope you will like this collection.

There is a preview, on 4th February 2pm SLT Fashion Show open only to bloggers and press. On the 6 February 2pm SLT Fashion Show open to everyone. Details can be found on "
Digital Alchemy - Ancient Egypt Designs"

This collection will only be available at the event sim for a limited time, after that it will then be made available in my main store.

Nicky Ree

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