Thursday, June 19, 2008

A simple tip for older prim attachements in Windlight

Hi :)

Some of us may have experienced this.

Our older dresses with prim attachments worked and looked fine before windlight. But with the new viewer with windlight the prims now look brighter and do not match the system skirt, pants etc...

Tinting can solve this. First make a copy of the prim attachment ( if it is copiable ) wear the copy, right click edit and select the texture tab. In the texture window, select the colour box and another window with colour tints appear, select the lightest grey ( if you like you can further adjusted the darkness, lightness by the slider on the side ). This usually fixes the problem and the prims now match the system clothings.

Hope this tip helps :)

best regards
Nicky Ree

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Solaesta said...

Even without windlight, on a lot of skirts, the prim textures look fine on the side facing the sun, but not on the side in shadow. I have been tinting light grey to correct this since long before windlight.

Windlight does intensify the issue, though.