Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Vanishing System Skirt Brought to you by LL.

Hi Everybody.

I have heard and had many messages from various friends, fellow designers and customers that sometimes their system skirt just won't rezz or let them wear it.

This is a issue that has been raised many times since the recent update to the new client which has windlight.

You can read about this issue in
Do vote there to stress the importance that they get this fixed quick.

Meanwhile these are the couple of suggestions: clear cache, relog, tp to another sim - perhaps a mainland sim, wear the outfit, do a character rebake. Sometimes going to another sim ( whose server is situated in another place ) helps solve this and allows you to wear prims and clothes and rezz again.

So until LL fixes this, that is the only suggestion I can give.

Nicky Ree


Samara Barzane said...

I've also had luck with removing the skirt and re-wearing it while in edit/appearance.

Anonymous said...

according to LL they think it has something to do with network issues, so if you are on a wireless connection switch to wired, which may (or may not!) help...but worth a shot.

(I've personally never yet seen this issue on my end, but I had someone tell me the other day they couldn't see my skirt! So wear your glitch pants or purty undies girls!)

Nicky Ree said...

Another Tip - go to edit appearance mode, then remove the skirt and then wear it again and do a rebake texture (Ctrl-Alt-R) while still in edit appearance mode. This seems to work for some of my customers.