Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rebecca - Inspired by fashion of the Roaring Twenties

Hi :)

I was invited to a party one day and the theme was the roaring twenties, which inspired me to create my own version of the flapper dress.

Rebecca cocktail dresses are available in 10 colours in 3 optional sets. The combo, cocktail dresses and flapper dresses.

Displayed in the New Section on the right side of the store in Tropical Orchid (212, 145, 30).

Hope you like it :).

Nicky Ree (goes back to photoshop)


Daisy said...

The dresses are terrific, Nicky. So is the hair you wore with the green ones. Whose is it? TY.

Kaylah said...

I would like to purchase one of these dresses. Do you make them or are they just virtual? i like the purple one

please contact me at