Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Early Tropical Christmas Music Event on the 14th December

An Update on the peformance time and artist line up:

Due to real life the artist originally scheduled for the 12 noon performance slot has cancelled - I had to reschedule the time slot for the 12 noon performance to 12.30 pm SLT - luckily harpo has stepped up and agreed to start at 12.30 and give us a one and half hour peformance :) YaY!

Hi hi :)

You are invited to a early Christmas Celebration at my sim in Tropical Orchid on the 14th Dec. 2007. There will be 4 live music performances scheduled for that day. The details are as follows:

Music line up and time

8 am SLT - Ed Lowell

12.30 pm till 1pm SLT - harpo Jedburgh

5 pm SLT - Takamura Keiko

Location: Tropical Orchid (42, 82, 23)

Merry Christmas to all :)

Nicky Ree

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