Monday, May 07, 2007

A facelift for my store in Plush Lambda

I didn't do much in terms of clothing design this week. But I did get some gift vendors up and running, so for certain designs you can now buy someone a gift using the vendors inworld... mainly in my stores in Deco, Deimos and Plush.

Finally did a revamp of my store in Plush Lambda. Some of you who have been shopping with me since the beginning will know I had my first big store in Plush Lambda and it was looking really sad and needing a face lift... so I did just that yesterday. I redid the layout and look for my store in Plush Lambda (223, 18, 25) and what's more, it contains my entire up to date collection too. With the server and tp'ing in sl being rather finicky for some sims lately, this gives my shoppers a 3rd venue which holds my entire collection.

Right now I am working on my extended collection with new options to Spring Romance.... so watch out for it soon :).

Nicky Ree

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