Friday, August 30, 2013

New DNR Lindy Gown V2 (System+Flexi)

Hi :)

I was chatting with my group members the other night and we were discussing about Mesh Vs Classic System and Flexi Gowns.

That set me on thinking about making a system style gown with flexi prims options for my DNR Lindy Collection, as many still wanted something that would have the flowing prims and allows them to retain their original AV's body size and shape.

Now ladies! The classic Flexi prim attachments for this classic system set can be combined with the Lindy "MESH" gown Collection. But you might need to tweak the "Flexi" prims a little to fit the MESH basic sizes.

All the Flexi Prim options for this set is set at Copy/Mod/No Transfer.

DNR Lindy Gown V2 ( Flexi ) Now available in 8 colors
Sold at 300L each color set, each color set has 3 system clothing items and 4 prim attachments for 2 Gown Styles.

But if you like all the colors get the "Buy all Colors" pack.
Sold at 1000L for all 8 colors.

Now available at my main store in Tropical Orchid.
Nicky Ree

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