Monday, March 14, 2011

Something that is not about SL fashion


I like many of you have been watching the news and following Japan's earthquake and tsunami.

I have been searching the web and found the following informative links on how we can donate and help.

Where to donate? you ask? The following are links I hope will help. Why am I posting these link? I find sometimes speed is important eg. when we see so many wounded and dead and people who need aid. And donating directly to the various organization will be quick and money will be sent faster. So although it is great that everyone is organizing stuff in SL for this. Let us also donate directly to the registered organizations.

Global Development

Google's crisis response centre

The British Red Cross

And if you want to buy a special Linden Bear by the people from linden lab, to help donate to the cause, do click on this link SL Linden Bear

best regards
Nicky Ree

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Beryl Landar said...

Thank you for these links.