Sunday, March 16, 2008

Limited Edition Mara in Ruby Red for RFL

Some of you may remember that I released a limited edition of Mara in Champagne and Black during last year's RFL.

For this 2008 RFL Clothing Fair, I am releasing Mara again. I have placed 75 Limited Edition Sets of Mara in Ruby Red at my booth in Relay for Life Clothing Fair at Rezzable Design (29, 81, 23)

So don't wait too long - or you will miss out on getting your Mara in Ruby Red.

Nicky Ree


Suzanne said...

I own a whole lot of your stuff so I ran out to buy this not only because you made it but to support a worthy cause. I am very disappointed at how large my butt looks in this! WOW! I know there is a sl glitch but seriously I look exceedingly large in this much so I won't be wearing it. What a shame!

Summer Loon

Nicky Ree said...

Hi Suzanne,

There is a simple trick that can be applied to reduce how our butts look in world, but you need a modifiable body shape.

First make a copy of you existing shape and name it for wearing skirts.

Then go into edit appearance mode and reduce the butt size of your AV and slightly reduce the width size of the hips (this optional). You will see that the system skirt looks better once this is done.

Nicky Ree