Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Swan Lake Dream is now available in my store in Deco

Hi :)

Just finished packing Swan Lake Dream - it is now available in my store in Deco.
The gorgeous black swan hat called "Gracile" I wore in my advert is by Siyu Suen (see her picks for her store's landmark) and the cute white swan and egg hair is by Paulie Tamale (her store is not set up yet but do keep a look out).

I am also wearing a yet to be released skin by the ever talented sachi Vixen called "Venus"... I have not taken that skin off since I got it! - can't wait to see the entire range, and last but not least, Caliah Lyon of "Muse" created a special black version of her lovely Dauphine collection for this outfit.


Arianna Psaltery said...

Oh the detail on the feathers and the whole way it sheens!

Claudine Jewell said...

omg nicky thats beautiful

Nicky Ree said...

Thanks :)

Do watch out for my next collection in feathers called " Mooie Vogel " meaning pretty bird in Dutch.

Nicky Ree