Thursday, July 05, 2007

Introducing Divine

Just released my new gown called "Divine" today.

The bodice, skirt and sleeves of the gown is intricately beaded with seed pearls and lace. Available in 9 assorted colours and 3 options for skirt styles. You can either buy the styles individually or get them all in a full pack containing all 3 skirt styles.

Currently only available in my main store in Deco (88, 121, 28)

I have also recently experimented in getting someone else to model and shoot my advert for Divine.

Delaney Renoir the winner of the Aspire Model contest was my model and Vint Falken took the pictures. Don't you think they make a good splash? :)

Nicky Ree


Siyu Suen said...

That's got to be the absolute best wedding dress advert I've ever seen... I hope she doesn't get the dress wet, because it's gorgeous. Seems to me there are so many dresses on SL like that one, and yet, they all look like knock-offs of yours. Damnit woman, my customers might as well be shopping at your store with all of the money you're making me spend!! <3

Georgette Whitfield said...

I agree, the adverts are genius. Especially the one where it looks like your about to shove her off the diving board! :) We all need a little push towards commitment sometimes. :)

P.S. Would love to see the 3-skirt version in red or black with red accents, if you're ever bored. ;)

vint said...

*blushes* :p

Alienbear Gupte said...

The most great clothing texture making & prim of Wedding dress I find in SL! The prim really improve a LOT! You rock Nicky! The shadow on the dress is so good & real! It just gorgeous! Keep on your best work!