Saturday, June 02, 2007


Hi Folks,

I just released Nadia Gypsy Collection last night. Available in 9 colours in my stores in Deco, Deimos and Plush....But most importantly! My friend Shai and I have made a special Relay Gypsy Princess Set for the Relay for Life cause.

So don't forget to come down to Shopaholics Midway Fair at Relay Charity(165,158,23)

See yah there!
Nicky Ree


Siyu Suen said...


I love you so much right now I feel like sending you roses.

*logs in IMMEDIATELY to buy every single one*

Anonymous said...

Love the gypsy outfits, and gowns also. I want to see more, so I wanted to sub to your feed, which I couldn't find the link to, but I managed to find the feed adress:

Maybe you might want to link that in your side column in case others want to sub to your feed (bet they will, very nice gowns!!)