Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Launching Dragon Princess Body Suit Sets!

I did these designs way back in August, but didn't get round to packaging it till now :P. Dragon princess is inspired as you can see by Dragons! hehe.

This set comes with multiple top options and a matchintg bikini set to boot :).
So look out everyone, here comes the dragon princess and she is cute!.

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Meg Box said...

I don't know if you'll actually ever read this.... but what the heck.

Your styles are gorgeous, and I absolutely MUST have one of the Dragon Princess Body Suits. I am not in-world right now, nor will I be for several hours, and I noticed the date on your blog, so I thought I'd message you in hopes that either your store still has this beautiful outfit, or that you can send me one (would love the first, multi-colored).

Thanks so much, you can im me in-world... or email in RL... Thanks!!

Meg Box